Drainage upgrade: Blair Street and Brett Street, Warrandyte

19 Oct 2023
Liveable Places and Spaces Warrandyte

Improving drainage and flood mitigation is one of the ways we’re building a better Manningham.
This drainage upgrade is funded by our 2023/24 Capital Works Program.

Where is it?

We’re upgrading the drainage system along Blair and Brett streets in Warrandyte to improve stormwater management and reduce flood risk. The new system will consist of pits and pipes that will connect to the existing large drainage system at the intersection of Blair Street and Betton Crescent.


Why is the upgrade needed?

Due to inadequate street drainage, this area has a higher risk of flooding. During heavy rainfall, the table drains beside the narrow road can become blocked and overflow onto the road and nearby properties.
Our goal is to:

  • Improve flood protection for private dwellings.
  • Reduce the risk of uncontrolled water flows by diverting them to underground drains.
  • Improve pedestrian and road safety by reducing surface water flow.
  • Minimise the number of properties directly affected by the works. 
  • Preserve the green wedge aesthetic of the area.
  • Retain the area's peri-urban feel by minimising the works' visual impacts. 
  • Minimise tree loss and replant with semi-mature stock where possible. A planning permit will be obtained for any tree removal.


When will the works happen?

Drainage upgrade works will commence in early 2024. If delays occur due to poor weather or unexpected events, we will let you know.


How will the works affect me?

We expect minimal impacts on road users and residents during this project. 

Access through Blair and Brett streets may be affected during construction hours. We’ll have a traffic management plan to support traffic through the area. We do not anticipate any road closures.

Thank you for your patience while we plan and undertake these works.


If you have any questions about these works or our drainage upgrade program, contact us.