Drainage upgrade: Yarra Street and Everard Drive in Warrandyte

28 Jul 2022
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UPDATED: 19 October 2023 

After pausing to allow for Telstra’s recent asset protection works and Yarra Valley Water’s scheduled works in October, these drainage works will resume in early November. We expect to complete these works in late January 2024. See below for more details.

We're installing a new drainage system along Everard Drive. The project is expected to be completed in December 2023, subject to weather and site conditions.

The project aims to protect properties in this location from the event of severe flooding. The new drains will better direct flood and stormwater away from people’s homes and into designated catchment areas.

During the design phase of the project, great care was taken to consider the cultural and environmental impacts of the drainage system upgrade.   

We’ve been working closely with a qualified Heritage Advisor to understand the cultural significance of the location, with the area for works deemed as having a low likelihood of uncovering Aboriginal or other historical artifacts.

We’ve also partnered with qualified arborists to ensure trees with high significance are retained as part of the upgrade. We’ve designed the drain alignment to reduce impact on native vegetation, saving high-value trees and protecting the creek embankment.

Upgrades to existing paths and driveways have also been included in the scope of the project, and a full revegetation and planting program will be undertaken at the completion of construction.

The project will be constructed in two stages:

Stage one: Everard Drive between Taroona Avenue and Keen Avenue
Construction on this section was completed in March 2023.

Stage two: Everard Drive between Keen Avenue and Yarra Street


Construction update: October 2023

These works have been paused for a few months to allow Telstra to complete asset protection works. Telstra’s works are complete, but this included pouring concrete that needs to settle completely before we can start excavation work around it. 

In October, Yarra Valley Water will carry out works that require road closures on Taroona Avenue and Everard Drive. Impacted residents will receive updates from Yarra Valley Water with all the necessary information. 

To minimise the impact on nearby residents, we have decided to wait until the first stage of Yarra Valley Water's works are complete (and Taroona Avenue is open to traffic) before continuing with our excavation work, as this will also require the closure of Everard Drive, from Yarra Street to Keen Avenue. 

Our contractor will begin as soon as Taroona Avenue has re-opened (earlier than 3 November, if possible). 

Our goal is to recommence the works in early November and finish the drainage project in late January 2024.


Why is the drainage being upgraded?

The drainage needs to be upgraded to achieve the following:

  • Prevent flooding of properties at Yarra Street and Everard Drive.
  • Minimise the impact of nuisance flow through private properties during minor rainfall events.
  • Minimise flood hazard risk by reducing large volume of overland flow through private properties.
What are the proposed works and what improvements are expected?

The proposed drainage works will include the following:

  • Constructing a new underground pipe drainage system within Everard Drive including several grated side entry pits and junction pits.
  • Connecting a new drainage system to the existing pit at the intersection of Yarra Street, Warrandyte.
  • Removing trees/vegetation to allow construction. Every effort will be made to reduce the need to remove trees, however it may be unavoidable in some areas.
  • Applying various modifications to existing drainage infrastructure including kerb and channel, asphalt footpath and reshaping of the existing driveways.
  • Reinstating any disturbed areas, including re-vegetation where possible.
How will construction works affect my street? Will there be disruption to traffic while the works are being undertaken?

During the construction process we may be required to close Everard Drive between Yarra Street and Taroona Avenue to install the drain. Appropriate detour signage and traffic management will be in place to assist with traffic flow and to provide guidance on access to your properties. We will update you when this will occur. Every effort will be made to reduce any inconvenience during the progress of these works.

Works will be programmed to minimise disruption to private properties and maintain emergency access and will generally be undertaken during normal working hours.

How will I be informed about construction disruptions?

Local residents will be informed of disruptions via direct mail. On site signage will also advise of any changes to road access.

Who is the contractor for the project?

The successful contractor for this project is Kalow Holdings Pty Ltd. They're a highly experienced drainage contractor with a long history of similar projects.

Has Council taken any measures to avoid/reduce tree removal?

We’ve taken several steps to reduce the number of trees impacted by the project. This includes:

  • Exploring a range of alternative drain alignments to reduce vegetation impact.
  • Designing the drainage pipe to be installed under the main road to avoid impacts on tree roots.
  • Designing the project so impact on high value trees is minimised.
  • Preparing a Tree Management Plan to be implemented during the construction.
Are any trees going to be removed as part of the works?

Yes, the upgrade will require some tree and vegetation removal. The design aims to balance the drainage upgrade needs, while minimising impacts on roadside vegetation and the character of the area. We have worked with our arborists to ensure trees with high significance are retained as part of the upgrade. At the completion of the project, we will replant vegetation and/or trees where possible.

Who will undertake any tree removal?

We will have Specialist Arborist from Council and an experienced Zoological Consultant on site during any removal.

Who can I contact for more information?

Should you require any further information, please contact Manningham’s Project Manager Eman Saadawy on (03) 9840 9333. Alternatively, you can email us at manningham@manningham.vic.gov.au

Where exactly is the work to be done?

At Yarra Street and Everard Drive as per the following plan: