Getting ready for FOGO

29 Nov 2022
Resilient Environment

Your new Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) service is coming and will start in July 2023.

Once FOGO starts you will be able to place food waste into your existing green lid bin with your garden waste for it to be recycled into compost.

FOGO will significantly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and the compost created will be used in gardens and farms across Victoria.

Your FOGO starter kit

Image of FOGO kitchen caddy and compostable liners

Before FOGO starts, between March and May next year, we will be delivering a FOGO kit to every household in Manningham that has a residential waste service.

To help you store and carry your food waste out to your green lid bin your kit will include:

  • a kitchen caddy

  • a roll of 150 compostable liners.

You won’t need a FOGO kitchen caddy to be able to use our FOGO service. You can use any container to collect your food scraps and take these to your green lid bin.

Don't need a FOGO kit?

If you would prefer to use your own container to collect your food scraps, let us know and we can cancel delivery of your FOGO kit.

Even if you choose to cancel delivery of your FOGO kit, the FOGO service will be compulsory for all households with a residential waste service from July 2023.

Let us know before Friday 20 January 2023 to cancel your FOGO kit delivery.

For more information on FOGO, what it is, why we need it and what it means for you, visit our FOGO webpage