Improvement Works to Commence at Mullum Mullum Reserve

10 Jun 2015
Liveable Places and Spaces

As part of the Mullum Mullum Reserve Management Plan implementation, Manningham Council will be undertaking a range of works to improve reserve access, car parking, landscaping and connectivity to the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail.

The works include:

  • Reconfiguring and reline marking of the existing reserve carpark
  • Widening and upgrading the entrances to the reserve at Springvale and Reynolds roads
  • Minor roadworks in the reserve, including the construction of a roundabout
  • Construction of additional car parking spaces
  • Construction of new pedestrian and shared pedestrian and cyclist paths, including a new connection to the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail
  • Upgrading of existing pedestrian paths to improve connectivity within the reserve
  • Upgrading of public lighting throughout the reserve, including the Springvale and Reynolds road entrances, and
  • Landscape improvements.

The works will also include the construction of innovative stormwater rain gardens, to treat carpark runoff. The rain gardens will reduce nutrients and pollutants from reaching the environmentally significant Mullum Mullum Creek. Construction of the rain gardens will be a collaboration between Council and Melbourne Water.

The works across the reserve will commence in July 2015, and are estimated to take three months to complete.

The works will impact on access into and around the reserve, and car parking. To minimise disruption, traffic management arrangements and signage will be put in to place to inform reserve users of any changes.

In consultation with the residents of the abutting Parklands Close, Council has also developed a landscape plan for planting along the southern boundary of the reserve. The planting will assist in screening the proposed Mullum Mullum Stadium, which is subject to planning approval.

The landscape plan incorporates some key principles which have been agreed upon, including:

  • A mown grass strip – three to four metres in width between the back fences of Parkland Close properties and the landscaped area, and
  • A planting area –beyond the mown grass strip, four to five metres wide, cultivated with low level plants and small shrubs.

Preparation of the site has commenced and planting will begin once conditions for the autumn planting period are suitable, most likely sometime this month.

For more information, people are recommended to visit the project website and sign up to regular community updates at Your Say Manningham or call Council’s Strategic Projects Unit on 9846 0588.