Media Release: Growing deer problem gets attention

29 Mar 2017
Resilient Environment

Wild deer are a growing problem in suburban areas such as Templestowe, East Doncaster and Bulleen and other parts of the Yarra River Catchment.

Deer cause significant damage to native vegetation, farmland and gardens, carry disease and have the potential to harm people.

A forum organised by Manningham Council has bought attention to the issue and sought a collaborative approach to its solution.

“Managing the impact of wild deer populations on residents is a problem across all of government. We need to find appropriate solutions,” says Manningham Council Director of Environment and Planning, Teresa Dominic.

“Safety around Manningham is a big concern. Fully grown Sambar deer are as big as a cow and all males have antlers. Deer have been spotted in residential areas and caused car accidents. With growing deer populations, getting on top of this issue now is important.”

The forum discussed the environmental and safety impacts of wild deer populations, as well as management issues, including the roles and responsibilities of various agencies.

The State Government has commenced planning for a Deer Management Strategy for Victoria, to be completed in June 2018. The findings of the parliamentary enquiry into deer hunting on Crown Land are to be released in June 2017.

Attendees at the Yarra Catchment Deer Forum agreed to meet again to develop a plan of action towards a proactive Integrated Deer Management Program in the Yarra Catchment.


Event details: Yarra Catchment Deer Forum, March 23rd 2017

Attendees included: DEWLP, Parks Vic, Port Phillip Catchment Management Authority, Victorian National Parks Association, Melbourne Water, Landcare, Yarra Ranges Council, Nillumbik Council, Maroondah Council, Knox Council, researchers, Game Management Authority and Vic Police.


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