New policy to support meaningful and inclusive engagement

26 Feb 2021
Well Governed Council

Manningham Council has this week endorsed its new Community Engagement Policy, which sets out the approach to best practice community engagement for the Manningham community. 

The new policy sets out Council’s approach to hearing from the community on issues that they care about and impact them. It outlines the principles and methods that Council will use to undertake well-planned and inclusive community engagement that reduced barriers to community participation. 

Council sought community feedback and input on its draft policy during December 2020 and January 2021. Engagement focused on the changes to the new Local Government Act 2020 and the implications for community engagement. Feedback was also gathered on how to better engage our community and the best methods to do so.  

Manningham Mayor, Cr Andrew Conlon said endorsing the Community Engagement Policy is an important step for engagement and what it means in our community. 

“Community engagement is critical to help us plan and understand what our community values. It provides an avenue for everyone to have their voice heard on decisions that impact or affect them.  

“As a Council we are passionate about community engagement – we listen, we consult, we act and we report back to our community.  

“This policy also sets out our approach to deliberative engagement, which requires participants to critically consider information, community needs and perspectives and weigh up competing demands to inform decision making.  

“We look forward to implementing deliberative engagement with our new community panel.  The panel, currently being formed, will start meeting during March and will help plan for our Council Plan, Community Vision, Asset Plan and Financial Plan,” Cr Conlon said.   

Manningham Council endorsed the new policy at its Council meeting on Tuesday 23 February 2021. To view the livestream of this meeting, visit – the discussion about the Community Policy starts roughly 56 minutes into the livestream.  

If you would like to read the new Community Engagement Policy, please visit the Your Say Manningham website.  

The Community Engagement Policy is aligned with Council’s current goals to develop 'A connected and inclusive community and A Council that values citizens in all that we do.’  

Council has an interpreter service that can be reached on 9840 9355 for any resident that would like to call and arrange to speak to someone in their own language about any Manningham Council matter including this policy. 

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