New Victorian State electoral boundaries

28 Oct 2021
Well Governed Council

Your electorate may have changed, even if your address has not.

The Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) has released new Victorian State electoral boundaries, following consultation with the Victorian community.

In total, the EBC received 185 written submissions and 45 accompanying verbal submissions from members of the community - including political parties, community groups, councils and members of the public.

These submissions have helped inform the final boundaries.

To see the new boundaries and read the final report, visit the Electoral Boundaries Commission website.


When do the new electoral boundaries come into effect?

The new boundaries will come into effect at the next State election in November 2022.

This means for some people, the electorate they vote in will change, even though they have not changed address.

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) will be encouraging all Victorians to check their electorate in the lead up to the next State election.

You can sign up to the VEC’s VoterAlert to receive an SMS or email about important electoral activities on the VEC website.