New Zealand and Australian flags together at Templestowe RSL

26 Mar 2018
Well Governed Council

The Australian and New Zealand flags will be flown together for the first time at the Templestowe RSL this April in time for the ANZAC parade on 25 April.

This follows the replacement of the previously damaged flagpole which flew the Australian flag and the addition of a new flag pole to include the New Zealand flag.

Manningham CEO, Warwick Winn, said: “I am proud to see both the Australian and New Zealand flags flying together for the first time at the Templestowe RSL.

“Originally only the broken flagpole hosting the Australian flag was going to be replaced. However, having attended ANZAC Day services at the Templestowe RSL when I first came to Manningham, I realised there was a great opportunity to add an additional flagpole in order to fly the New Zealand flag. After all, ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, so it is appropriate that both are remembered and celebrated for their significant contributions during the First World War.

Last year, Council worked with the Doncaster RSL to introduce improvements, including new flagpoles, which enabled the New Zealand flag to also be flown there in time for last year’s ANZAC Day service.

“It’s great to see Council working with our RSLs, and the New Zealand High Commission to give proper recognition to the ANZACs within our Manningham community. As a Kiwi, I am honoured to have been personally involved in making this happen” said Mr Winn.