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22 Aug 2019
Liveable Places and Spaces

Jackson Court Pop-Up Park

Manningham Council and the Victorian Government invested $200,000 in an exciting new temporary pop-up park and activation program at Jackson Court. The pop-up park was constructed at the start of December 2020 and decommissioned on 19 April. 

The aim of the project was to revitalise the neighbourhood centre, improve community connections and support local businesses. The project funding facilitated activation of the space with pop-up park infrastructure, performers, arts activations, events, live music and food activities. The pop-up dining space was COVID-safe, with regular cleaning and social distancing requirements. 

We worked with local traders and the community to successfully manage the pop-up space and encouraged continual feedback so we could make the space even better.  Some traders expressed concern regarding the loss of car parking. We listened and amended the footprint of the pop-up park by removing only 16 car spaces, instead of 23. These changes ensured we met the project objectives without compromising the terms of our funding agreement. Importantly, the objectives of the project will still be met by delivering benefits for the Jackson Court traders.

Share your feedback on the Pop-Up Park 

With the temporary pop-up park coming to an end, we welcome your feedback. Share your thoughts by completing the survey! Your feedback will help us plan for what’s next in our Placemaking projects.  

Smart Cities – Reinventing Neighbourhoods at Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre

We partnered with the Australian Government to implement new smart technologies at Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre in Doncaster East under our Smart Cities - Reinventing Neighbourhoods program. Our Smart Cities - Reinventing Neighbourhoods program uses a range of smart sensors to gather data to better understand the community’s use of the Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre and to help us improve the community’s experience of the centre.

We conducted research in the community to better understand how the community uses the neighbourhood and how we can plan for the future.

Smart Sensors 

Works began in November 2019 and finished in March 2020 with new sensors installed to gather real time data of vehicle use, pedestrian movement and environmental conditions e.g. pollution, heat, noise at Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre. We want to understand how visitors move through the centre, their modes of transport, how long they stay and what activities they undertake. The data helps us plan for parking, pavements and infrastructure and to make more attractive for residents and visitors to the area. The data will be used by local business and community groups to plan events and promotions at  Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre.

Data and your Privacy

The new sensors record non-identifiable data in accordance with our privacy policy. No personal or identifying information is collected and no cameras have been installed. Data extraction is used for analytical and business intelligence reporting. This information will help us better understand the vehicle, environmental and pedestrian sensor data gathered from Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre, which will help make better informed decisions at the precinct. The data will be provided in a report to the Discovery Group and Traders Association at Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre. 

Liveability Assessment 

We partnered with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and RMIT’s Healthy Liveable Cities Group to produce a neighbourhood liveability report for Manningham. Initially focused on the Jackson’s Court Neighbourhood Centre, this study was expanded across all 281 neighbourhoods of Manningham. The Liveability Assessment of the Neighbourhoods of Manningham provides an analysis of 16 different social, economic and environmental liveability indicators of health, to better understand the liveability strengths and challenges across the municipality.

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Discovery Group – Shaping the future of Jackson Court 

We formed a Discovery Group of traders, residents and community leaders who meet regularly to help plan the future of the Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre. Decisions made by the group will be informed by the ‘smart data’ – such as what trends and seasonal factors affect the number of visitors to Jackson Court – and will help in planning for a stronger and more vibrant neighbourhood centre. We will listen to and assess the group’s proposals and will assist to advance them into actions through planning, capital works and budget processes.


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