Smart technology to be installed at Jackson Court

2 Dec 2019
Vibrant and Prosperous Economy

Manningham Council has partnered with the Australian Government to implement new smart technologies at Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre in Doncaster East as part of our Smart Cities – Reinventing Neighbourhoods program.

New sensors will be installed over the coming months to help understand how visitors move through the centre.

The sensors will gather real-time data of vehicle and pedestrian movements as well as environmental conditions, including pollution, heat and noise.

Data from the sensors will help us plan for the Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre and ensure there is the right mix of space for parking, pedestrians and infrastructure to support the centre.

No personal or identifying information will be collected by the sensors at any time.

As part of the initiative, a Discovery Group has formed with residents, traders and community leaders to help us plan the future of the centre.

Installation of the sensors will take place from November 2019 to March 2020.

The trend data will be made available on Manningham Council’s website.

Smart Cities is an Australian Government initiative to transform cities, suburbs and regional areas using infrastructure and technology to deliver a more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future.

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