Tram Road and Merlin Street intersection upgrade

13 Oct 2023
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Updated: 2 February 2024

We’re installing new traffic lights at the Tram Road and Merlin Street intersection to improve safety and traffic flow.

Following our advocacy and funding for this project, the Department of Transport and Planning (VicRoads) will deliver these works in 2024.

For more information and the latest updates, go to Tram Road and Merlin Street intersection upgrade.


Where is it?

These works will be at the intersection of Tram Road and Merlin Street in Doncaster.

Schematic map of the intersection


When is it happening?

Power-pole relocation works will begin in February 2024 in preparation for construction, which is expected to begin in mid-2024.

Find the latest updates at Tram Road and Merlin Street intersection upgrade.


Why is it needed?

The goal of the signalised intersection is to ease traffic congestion in the southern part of Doncaster Hill, helping residents to access Tram Road easily while also ensuring a safer road environment for both drivers and pedestrians.

This project is part of our long-term planning for the future. It is a key project outlined in the Doncaster Hill Strategy 2002 (2004), which anticipated a substantial rise in population due to high-density residential housing in the area. 

This project is funded by our 2023/24 Capital Works Program.


How will these works affect me?

Changes to on street parking

To allow for dedicated turning lanes out of Merlin Street, we need to remove five on-street car parks from Merlin Street (see map above). However, we have managed to minimise the loss by including two additional on-street parking spaces on Merlin Street in our design. 

The parking restrictions for the car parks on the northern side of the street will be changed to ‘2P (resident permit exempted) from 8.00pm to 8.00am – no stopping at all other times’.

We will also need to remove two car parks from Tram Road service road to allow for a pedestrian crossing from the traffic lights. Unfortunately, there is no available space in this area to offset the loss of these car parks.

We understand that the parking changes on Merlin Street might concern those who frequently park there. We assure you that we're doing our best to deliver a solution that meets the needs of local residents and keeps drivers and pedestrians safe. 

Construction impacts

The Victorian Department of Transport and Planning will provide information about any construction impacts closer to the date.


Flyer - Tram Merlin intersection upgrade - November 2023
Flyer - Tram Merlin intersection upgrade - November 2023
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