Tunstall Square Draft Structure Plan on Public Exhibition

29 Oct 2014
Vibrant and Prosperous Economy

Manningham Council has resolved to place the Tunstall Square Draft Structure Plan on public exhibition until Friday 19 December 2014.

The draft Structure Plan was developed in consultation with residents, traders, property owners and community stakeholders to provide direction for the future use and development of the centre over the next 20 years.

The draft Structure Plan will guide investment and improvements to Tunstall Square, which is one of nine activity centres located in Manningham.

Some of the proposed key actions include:

  • Rezoning the land at 44 – 48 Tunstall Road to a commercial zone with a height limit of 13.5 metres to create more commercial opportunities.
  • Providing opportunities for ‘shop-top’ housing by limiting building heights to 13.5 metres (4 storeys) in the commercial centre
  • Improving the centre’s visibility by identifying two ‘gateway’ sites (up to 16 metres /5 storeys) on Doncaster Road
  • Creating a high quality public plaza by closing the one-way road off Beverley Street
  • Improving the operation of the existing car parks along with bicycle and pedestrian access to the Centre, including a potential new pedestrian link from Monterey Crescent
  • Improving public spaces with seating, lighting, landscaping and business identification and way finding signage
  • Identifying an opportunity for a multi-deck car park in Beverley Street (11 metres) by the private sector with no net loss in public car parking
  • Investigating the possible expansion of Beverley Reserve.

For more information, visit What Matters Manningham