Young people to have more say in Manningham

15 Mar 2022
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Youth advisory committee

Manningham Council endorsed a new Youth Advisory Committee at its meeting on 22 February 2022. The new committee will allow young people to have a voice in the development of Council’s plans and policies.

The successful members of the committee are:

  • Andrew Wang
  • Sulaymann Hafeez
  • Stephanie Martinez
  • Zhengjie Zhong
  • Kaitlyn Lew
  • Melina Tahmasvand
  • James Italia-Prasad
  • Humdaan Hafeez
  • Alyssa Boutle
  • Jessica O’Keefe
  • Rimsha Shakil
  • Tara Alaie
  • Shin Thant Eain (Berry)

The Youth Advisory Committee will consider Council’s plans and strategies. They will also seek views on issues affecting young people and feed it back to Council to influence decision making and priority setting.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Michelle Kleinert said that she is thrilled to have a diverse group of young people providing feedback on Council policies and plans.

“It is so important that young people have a place at the table when we are making decisions about the future of our community.”

"The committee will also give young people the opportunity to undertake leadership roles. The experience that they gain will serve them well in future employment and education settings."

Cr Laura Mayne and Cr Anna Chen will play active roles on the committee.

The group will meet at least six times over their one-year term.

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