Supply a 3d model visualisation for Doncaster Hill developments

For all new major developments planned within Doncaster Hill, architects/developers are required to supply a 3D building file of the proposed development to support Manningham’s growing Digital Built Environment (DBE).

An up-to-date DBE is an essential tool for many of our key functions including:

  • Assisting our planners in making improved decision making, allowing tracking and analysing the changes made throughout the development of a site.
  • Promotional material and grant applications.
  • Council meetings and consultation sessions.

We require your support to keep this DBE up-to-date by providing accurate 3D visualisations of your developments.

When should you supply us with 3D models?

  • When a concept design is proposed.
  • When any major amendments are made.
  • When plans are endorsed.

How to prepare your files

Prepare your 3D model files to these specifications:

File types
File size
Maximum 100Mb
(Contact us if file size is larger than 100Mb)

How to supply your files

Deliver your file to us by DVD or USB drive:

​By post

  • 3D Spatial Data Officer
    IT Department,
    Manningham Council
    PO Box 1
    Doncaster VIC 3108

In person

Need help? Contact us.

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