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Council meetings are the formal decision-making forum for our Council.

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How council meetings work

The Governance Rules (the Rules) outlines the formal procedures of meetings and debates.

How debates work in meetings

The procedure for debates and decision-making during a meeting item follows the same format. The mayor introduces each item by reading out the number and title. A Councillor will then move a motion.

Generally, the motion can take any of the following forms:

  • move the officer's recommendation in the council agenda for that item
  • move an officer's alternative recommendation
  • move a councillor's alternative motion
  • move a procedural motion.

If you attend a meeting, you’ll see that the rules follows the state and federal parliamentary systems of government. As a result, you’ll get to see the considering of a motion, debates and votes on amendments by our councillors. It’s the Westminster system at the local level.

Manningham Council Governance Rules
Manningham Council Governance Rules
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