Suburban Rail Loop (SRL)

A rail line to Doncaster

The Victorian Government's proposed underground rail link will connect suburbs from Cheltenham to Werribee.

The Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) includes a Doncaster Station. However construction may be over ten years away.

map showing the proposed stations and route of the Suburban Rail Loop

We are advocating for the Doncaster Station footprint to be set aside as part of Stage 1, to allow for planning of the Doncaster Hill precinct. For an express bus service that mirrors the Suburban Rail Loop Alignment. Providing a public transport connection to key education, healthcare and employment precincts.

Congestion on the Eastern Freeway

Why do we need a rail line to Doncaster?

Over 125,000 people in our community will benefit from a Doncaster Station. Currently our only public transport option is an over-crowded bus network that is often delayed by traffic congestion.

With Doncaster Hill’s population and traffic continuing to grow, we are urging the Victorian Government to include a Doncaster Station in stage two of the SRL and secure a location for the train station now.

Manningham is the only municipality without a tram or train line.

Car ownership per household is considerably high and daily public transport use for employment purposes is below the metropolitan average.

Our bus system is buckling under pressure to provide enough services and meet capacity for our growing city.

A chalk sketch of a conceptualisation of Doncaster Hill station at MC Square

Doncaster Station not part of stage one construction

We are strongly advocating to the Victorian Government to include Doncaster Station in Stage two of the SRL.

We are working with stakeholders and the SRL Authority to secure a site location for the future train station.

What’s next?

We will continue to work with the Suburban Rail Loop Authority and the Department of Transport to advocate for improved public transport services to Manningham.

We want

  • fewer roads
  • more public transport options for our community
  • a railway station to Doncaster
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