Flood mapping consultant appointed

1 May 2023
Resilient Environment
Arial photo of Ruffey Lake park

Afflux Consulting Pty Ltd has been awarded the Manningham Flood Mapping contract. The project scope includes the modelling and mapping of flood extents, flow depths and velocities for Council extents for a range of scenarios. 

The Manningham Flood Mapping Project is being delivered by Manningham Council and Melbourne Water. This project will provide maps indicating flood extents for the regional and local drainage networks in Manningham. The flood mapping process will also be informed by the latest available data and guidance recommended under the 2019 version of Australian Rainfall and Runoff.

Current and reliable flood mapping information is essential to understand and manage flood risk. It can be used to:

  • assess the frequency, severity and location of flood risks within catchments
  • better plan and prioritise mitigation activities
  • plan for future development
  • build community awareness; and
  • inform emergency management planning.

Melbourne Water has appointed Jacobs consultants to undertake flood mapping for the regional flood extents.

We are working alongside the Flooding and Stormwater Management Community Reference Panel (CRP) in the development of the flood mapping.

Modelled flood extents will be publicly exhibited late in 2024.