Fun activities for kids

8 Apr 2020
Healthy Community

With school holidays continuing and many people working from home, parents may be struggling to keep kids occupied and might be looking for new ideas and activities that inspire their imaginations.

Arts and crafts
Drawing, painting, writing and building things are just some ways to take everyday household items and recyclables and to turn them into wondrous new things.

Some crafty activities you try at home include:

  • Making your own bookmarks
  • Painting rocks
  • Make a time capsule
  • Build a cardboard castle
  • Folding paper planes
  • Tissue box monsters
  • Draw a self portrait
  • Paint a recycled jar
  • Draw your day in pictures
  • Make sock puppets and put on a puppet show
  • Draw your own board game

Library activities
While our Libraries are closed, they have many services online that are perfect for kids to keep their minds busy. Every weekday at 11.00am our Library Facebook page hosts Storytime Live, which provides a fun and interactive way for parents and children hear a new story every day.

Library Services are also continuing online. Visit their website to access audiobooks, movies, children’s literacy materials and more.

Home scavenger hunt
Scavenger hunts are a fantastic and simple way to entertain children’s imaginations while in their home or backyard. Here is our list of items for kids to locate in your home:

  • A book with the letter “M” in the title
  • 4 things that are green
  • A book with animals in it
  • An item you can see yourself in
  • A book with the first letter of your name in the title
  • Something very soft
  • An item that has 3 different colours
  • A toy that is smaller than your hand
  • Something fluffy
  • A photo of someone you love
  • Something with corners
  • A book with numbers on the cover