A compliance reminder for swimming pool and spa owners

4 Aug 2021
Well Governed Council

Property owners with a swimming pool or spa need to comply with the State Government’s new pool safety legislation by having a registered building inspector check your pool and spa safety barriers to receive a Certificate of Compliance. You need to supply us with this Certificate of Compliance within 30 days of receiving it.

The lodgement fee is $20.70. This will ensure you follow the new laws introduced by the State Government to help prevent young children from tragically drowning in private swimming pools and spas.

What if my inspector fails my barrier safety test?

If your inspector fails your barrier safety test and provides us with a Certificate of Non-Compliance, you will need to pay a $390.80 lodgement fee to cover our costs of undertaking the required enforcement action. To avoid this, we recommend that you do a self-assessment of your safety barrier to ensure it is properly maintained, prior to engaging your inspector.

For more information, visit Register your swimming pool or spa