We’re delivering for our community with an operating budget of $138 million to deliver more than 100 valuable services for our community.

Key features of the 2022/23 Budget

  • Although inflation (CPI) is forecast to be 2.5 per cent in 2022/23 our average general rate increase will be in line with the State Government’s rate cap of 1.75 per cent
  • Conscious of cost-of-living pressures, where feasible we are also keeping changes to our fees and charges at below the rate of inflation
  • We will continue to support rate payers undergoing financial difficulties through our financial hardship provisions
  • We have continued to focus on ongoing financial sustainability through innovation and efficiencies, and containment of expenditure at less than forecast inflation


Council Plan

We're delivering on our Council Plan. This includes:

  • $37.8 million for a Healthy Community
  • $19.3 million for Liveable Places and Spaces
  • $20.3 million for a Resilient Environment
  • $4.1 million for a Vibrant Prosperous Economy
  • $26.4 million for a Well Governed Council

Building a better Manningham

We are building a better Manningham with a $65.2 million capital works program. The program will maintain and enhance Manningham Council’s $2 billion of community assets with a focus on funding to deliver:

  • Our drainage program to protect our environment
  • Building better connections through our roads and bridges program
  • Creating better pedestrian links and expanding our footpaths and cycleways
  • Improving the amenity (appearance) of our city
  • Enhancing our parks and reserves
  • Renewing and upgrading community facilities including environmentally sustainable design

Taking action

We are taking action with a number of new key operating initiatives in priority areas including delivering on:


Planning for our future

We are planning for our future by:

  • locating $50 million over the next 10 years for new and significantly upgraded major community facilities
  • Strategically unlocking the potential of our assets to improve our financial sustainability
  • Working to understand our water and flood management challenges and develop ways to address risk to public and private property
  • Delivering on our Liveable City Strategy to create vibrant activity centres and community places, promote more jobs in the suburbs, encourage housing and transport choice, and protect Manningham’s valued landscape character

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