Our 2021/22 Budget focuses on ensuring we deliver essential services whilst being aspirational and investing in things that matter to our community along with being financially sustainable over the long term. It also ensures we deliver on the first-year actions of our Council Plan 2021-2025.

We continue to beautify our city through a focus on our natural and built environment including investment in open space and facilities and services to support our resident’s needs.

Following what has been a challenging year, we are considering future income streams and ways to maximise returns on council assets to ensure we continue to be financially sound for future generations.

Significant planning and considered debate has been undertaken by our newly-elected council to carefully determine our priorities and how to best meet the needs of our community.

Together with our accountable leadership, good governance, engagement practices and proven track record of getting things done, we will see the Manningham community thrive in the future.

This budget ensures we are set to deliver for our people, and envisage a brighter future for our diverse community.


Key features of the 2021/22 Budget

  • an operating budget of $133 million to deliver more than 100 services for our community.
  • a $59 million capital works program to maintain and enhance council’s $2 billion of community assets, a 17.5% increase from the previous year.


Infrastructure works

  • Increased funding for bicycle strategy implementation, roads and a significant investment in community facilities.
  • A $250,000 allocation for additional traffic safety measures and related programs in council owned activity centres and recreation reserves in light of recent accidents and budget submissions.
  • Install six bike repair stations.
  • $12.52 million for roads (new and renewals) and road safety.
  • $4.31 million for drainage (new and renewals) – additional $350,000 compared to previous year.
  • $3.54 million for footpaths and shared paths – with additional $250,000 compared to previous year.
  • $10.79 million for building improvement and renewals – e.g. public toilets, preschools, libraries, halls, maternal child health (*includes sustainability initiatives below).
  • $7.41 million for recreation and leisure facilities including Pettys, Domeney, Schramms and Rieschiecks reserves redevelopments and upgrades to flood lighting at sports reserves, and athletics track.
  • A $150,000 contribution towards planning for the North East Link project.


Environmental initiatives

  • Feasibility study into a car share scheme.
  • $5.98 million for parks, playspaces, open space and streetscapes including additional.
  • $500,000 ongoing funding for tree management.
  • $800,000 for solar panels and other sustainability initiatives.*
  • $1.6 million for park acquisition.
  • Install electric vehicles (EV) charging points at key council locations.


Support for our community

  • New initiatives including recognition of our volunteer community, reducing the harmful impacts of gambling, exploring a youth hub, advocating for improved mental health resources and initiatives to support a connected and inclusive community.
  • Support for ratepayers undergoing financial difficulties through our financial hardship provisions.
  • $500,000 for a new relief fund to assist the community with a focus on business and not-for profits impacted by COVID-19, the North East Link project and other disruptions.


Financial sustainability and innovation

  • $5 million allocated for strategic property acquisitions.
  • Establish a new 'strategic fund' to provide long-term community benefit and ensure ongoing financial sustainability. This will enable council to invest in the development of major community infrastructure such as libraries, community hubs and recreation facilities. For example this will include $20 million over the next four years for the construction of major community facilities.


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