To apply for House Plans, or associated documentation such as an Occupancy Certificate, you need to be the registered owner of the property or have written and signed consent from the owner of the property.

Please note this request is for copies of Building Permit Plans only. Typically these plans will include architectural drawings only, they may also include structural drawings however this cannot be guaranteed.

It is unlikely these plans will contain information relating to drainage, sewerage, plumbing or electrical plans specifically for your site. If you are searching for drainage/sewerage information please contact Yarra Valley Water, there is a service on their website that may assist you. 

Alternatively Dial Before You Dig on 1100 may be of use.

If you require copies of Planning Permit plans, please contact our Statutory Planning Department on 9840 9333.

How do I order a building plan/document copy?

The fee for ordering of plans/documents is $203 for residential applications, and $203 per permit for commercial applications.

Online - Owner

You can order a building plan/document copy online. 

Request plans (owner)

Online - Non-Owner

An authorised person who has written and signed consent from the property owner can order a building plan/document copy online.  You will be required to upload the signed Icon for application/pdf Online Copy Building Permit Request Owner Consent Form (21.77 KB) during this application process.

Request plans (non owner)

In person or by post

You can complete the Request for Building Permit Documents (48.02 KB) and make payment in person at the Manningham Civic Centre. Alternatively, you can return the completed application form and payment (cheque only) by post to PO Box 1, Doncaster, Victoria 3108. 

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