Councillor Committee Appointments 2020-2021

Council has established and operates a large number of internal advisory and other committees. It is also a member of or is associated with a number of external bodies and committees.

The table below shows the appointments that were made by Council on 24 November 2020. These appointments are reviewed on an annual basis.

Council CommitteeAppointee(s) for 2020/21Chairperson Appointee for 2020/21
Access and Equity Advisory CommitteeCr LightbodyAppointed Councillor
Audit & Risk CommitteeCr Chen
Cr Gough
Independent Chairperson
CEO Performance Review Committee

All 9 Councillors

Disability Advisory CommitteeCr KleinertAppointed Councillor
Healthy City Advisory CommitteeMayorMayor
Heritage Advisory CommitteeCr DiamanteAppointed Councillor
Liveability Innovation and Technology CommitteeCr Diamante
Cr Kleinert
Cr Lightbody
Cr Kleinert
Manningham Arts Advisory CommitteeCr L MayneAppointed Councillor
Manningham Community Fund Grants PanelMayor
Cr L Mayne
Municipal Emergency Management Planning CommitteeCr LangeAppointed Councillor
Municipal Fire Management Planning CommitteeCr LangeAppointed Councillor
Open Space and Streetscape Design Advisory CommitteeCr Chen
Cr Gough
Cr Lange
Cr Gough
External BodiesAppointee(s) for 2020/21
Australian Local Government Women’s Association - Victoria (ALGWA-Vic)Cr Chen
Eastern Affordable Housing Alliance (EAHA)Cr L Mayne
Eastern Region Group of Councils (ERG)Mayor
Cr Chen
Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC)Cr Chen
Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF)Cr Chen
Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) – Local Government Waste ForumCr Kleinert
Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)Cr S Mayne
Substitute -
Cr Diamante
Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (NAGA) Executive CommitteeCr Lightbody
Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA)All 9 Councillors
Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library Corporation (WMRLC)Cr Kleinert
Cr S Mayne
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