On Tuesday 28 June 2017 the Council Plan 2017-2021, Annual Budget 2017/18 (incorporating the Strategic Resource Plan 2017-2021) and the Healthy City Strategy 2017-2021 were adopted by Council.

The Council Plan is the major strategic document that outlines the goals of Council and guides the delivery of services over the next four years. The Council Plan identifies major initiatives that Council will undertake to achieve those goals and deliver key outcomes.

The Council Plan reflects community aspirations identified in the Generation 2030 Community Plan, and links the community’s vision to key priorities and actions for Council to undertake in its four year term.

The Council Plan has been developed in consideration of wider economic and social influences that impact on the services we provide and our resource allocation.

Theme 1. Healthy Community

Through a strong partnership approach, Council will focus on ensuring that people stay healthy and well, can access the services they need, are connected to their local neighbourhoods, feel safe and live in a harmonious and inclusive community.

Goal 1.1: A Healthy, Resilient and Safe Community
Goal 1.2: A Connected and Inclusive Community

Further information in the Healthy City Strategy 2017 - 2021 

Theme 2. Liveable Places and Spaces

Council will focus on managing amenity to create inviting places and spaces, enhanced parks, open space and streetscapes, well connected, safe and accessible travel and well utilised and maintained community infrastructure.

Goal: 2.1 Inviting places and spaces
Goal: 2.2 Enhanced parks, open space and streetscapes
Goal: 2.3 Well connected, safe and accessible travel
Goal: 2.4 Well maintained and utilised community infrastructure

Theme 3. Resilient Environment

Council will work with our community and partners to protect and enhance our valued environment and biodiversity, as well as reduce our environmental impact and adapt to climate change.

Goal: 3.1 Protect and enhance our environment and biodiversity
Goal: 3.2 Reduce our Environmental Impact and Adapt to Climate Change

Theme 4. Vibrant and Prosperous Economy

Council strives to support the local economy to grow, with local business and activity centres vibrant and prosperous with a strong visitor economy.

Goal: 4.1 Grow local business and economy

Theme 5. Well Governed Council

We strive to be an innovative and progressive Council that actively seeks partnerships and opportunities to expand its knowledge base. Council leads through transparent processes and mechanisms, effective planning, advocacy and accountability. We pursue best practice in engaging our local community in the decision making process.

Goal: 5.1 A financially sustainable Council that manages resources effectively and efficiently
Goal: 5.2 A Council that values citizens in all that we do

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