Stormwater connections

Depending on your specific circumstances there are different types of applications that need to be made. 

You will need to apply for a Works and Drainage permit (WDP) for all stormwater connections before you can commence any drainage connections. The current fee is $348 and is only payable upon approval and an invoice will be provided. Visit Roads and footpath page for more information.

Contact our Infrastructure Services team on 9846 0500 so we can help you provide the correct information.

Important: You must provide the following information in order for an application to be processed:

  • Confirmation of connection levels into Council drains.
  • Design parameters.
  • Confirmation that the correct fee has been paid.
  • Where the application relates to Planning approval confirmation that the design is in accordance with endorsed plans.

Download the Icon for application/pdf Manningham City Council - Standard Drawings (6.99 MB)

Single dwelling approval for connection to Council drain

You will need a Works and Drainage permit (WDP) before connecting a drain on private property to a Council drain. Council drains include underground drains which share a common boundary with roads or are located within easements on private property.

The permit holder is responsible for arranging the works and necessary traffic management (if the work is within the road reserve) and restoring the land to its original condition to the satisfaction of Council’s representative.

Once the WDP has been paid and issued, the applicant will need to arrange an inspection by Council at least 48 hours prior to the proposed inspection date. Please contact our Infrastructure Services team on 9846 0500 to arrange the booking.

You can apply online for the WDP for a single dwelling connection of a Council drain and an invoice will be send to you.

Apply for a single dwelling connection

Point of discharge (POD) applications

You need to apply for a point of discharge (POD) when a building permit is required for a development which includes a stormwater drainage system. The current fee is $148 and is payable with the online application.

The point of discharge will be used in the design of the drainage for the site. Stormwater discharge from any part of a roof, paved or impervious area will need to be directed to the point of discharge for the property.

You can apply online for a point of discharge.

Apply for a POD

No Council drainage system?

Drainage infrastructure can be installed to service your property through a drainage scheme. For more information, call Infrastructure Services on 9846 0500 for advice.

Any stormwater management system should not cause adverse effects on adjoining properties.

Development drainage

What is On-Site Stormwater Detention (OSD)?

New developments in Manningham, particularly unit developments, are increasing hard surface areas, resulting in a higher volume of stormwater runoff discharged into our existing drainage system. An OSD system is required as part of the planning process when the existing drainage system cannot cope with the increased runoff. An OSD system helps retain stormwater on-site during heavy rainfall and releases the water slowly through a constrained outlet, limiting the peak discharge from the site.

How do I apply for an OSD approval?

Any developments within Manningham that may increase stormwater runoff are generally required to construct an OSD system. When you apply for approval of an OSD, approval is also required for connection into Council drains. The fees are calculated based on the number of units/apartments proposed on the plan and range between $525 to $1,200.

You can submit your plans and apply online for an OSD system and drainage plan approval.

Apply for OSD

Once your OSD plans have been approved, a Works and Drainage permit (WDP) is also required for connection into Council drains and associated works within a Council road reserve or an easement.

You can apply online for a WDP for your On-Site Stormwater Detention.

Apply for WDP

OSD Design Checklist and OSD Guidelines

Download the OSD Design Checklist Icon for application/ Manningham OSD Design Checklist (172.99 KB) and refer to the Icon for application/pdf Manningham OSD Guidelines (2.23 MB) for details on how to design an OSD system.

Please ensure the design checklist is completed correctly and signed before submitting your OSD plans or OSD Amended design plans. 

Need help?

If you require help, call our Infrastructure Services team on 9846 0500.

I need to make changes to OSD plans

You need to complete a Public Works (Outfall drain) and OSD Amendments application when you want to make changes to the existing engineering plans. This application also needs to be completed for the construction of an outfall drain and/or general drainage works. Revised engineering plans need to be submitted to us for re-approval and we may need to inspect the site again.

The fees are calculated based on the number of units/apartments proposed on the plan and range between $300 to $825.

You can apply online for amendments to an OSD plan.

Apply for amendments to OSD

Need more information?

For more information on designing an OSD system, view the  Icon for application/pdf Manningham OSD Guidelines (2.23 MB)call us on 9846 0500 or use our online service request form.

Report and consent of Council - Construction over designated or flood prone land

To find out if your property is located in an area liable to flooding within the meaning of regulation 153 or 154, you will need to apply for a Regulation 51.2 statement.

If you are proposing to undertake construction on land that you know is liable to flooding under Regulation 153 or 154, you will need to apply for a Report and Consent from Council.

You can apply online for consent to build on flood prone land, the application fee is $294.70.

You are required to upload the following documents with the application:

  • Description of the planned works
  • One set of dimensioned plans drawn to scale showing a site plan, floor plan(s) and elevations. Plans must highlight the areas of non-compliance with the Building Regulations 2018
  • Copy of the letter from Melbourne Water stating the flood level for the allotment

Apply now - Flood Prone Land 

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