Electrify Everything - Is an electric vehicle for me? - webinar

Our presenter, Ian Moxon, is a seasoned sustainability consultant with over 15 years of experience in Electric vehicles. He’ll share his extensive knowledge and valuable industry insights into the benefits of electric vehicles.

The information session will cover:

  • charging systems, charging times and expanding infrastructure
  • distances that Australians usually travel and how the perceived barrier to EVs is dissolving
  • battery technologies - innovation is driving higher capacity, less weight, longer life spans, better safety and end of life recycling
  • the cost to travel using electricity as a fuel and the impact of a growing electric fleet for our electricity grid
  • the various models that are available now, and the many more that will arrive with policy changes and surging demand.

This event is part of our Inspired Living Series. This series showcases an exciting range of fun and sustainable activities and events for all ages, supporting sustainability at home, in the community and at work.

Bookings are essential.