We encourage feedback as a valuable opportunity to review our policies, practices and the way we deliver our services, and to make changes where necessary.

If you are not satisfied with a Council decision, the quality of our services to you, or with the behaviour of one of our employees, it is important that we hear about it.

We take all complaints seriously and we will work with you to address your complaint in a fair and transparent way.

How to make a complaint

Website: Contact us online

Phone: 03 9840 9333 (Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm)

Fax: 03 9848 3110

Interpreter: 03 9840 9355

Email: manningham@manningham.vic.gov.au

Post: PO Box 1, Doncaster, Victoria 3108

Facebook: facebook.com/ManninghamCouncil

In person: Manningham Civic Centre, 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, Victoria 3108

What happens next?

We will try to resolve your complaint the first time you contact us. If this is not possible, we will refer your complaint to the relevant service area and aim to provide you an outcome within 10 days. If we need more time or information we will keep you informed throughout the process.

If you wish to remain anonymous we will still investigate your complaint, however, we will not be able to follow up with you or provide an outcome.

What if I am not satisfied with the response?

If you are not happy with the action taken or if we have been unable to resolve your complaint in the first instance, you can request for your complaint to be reviewed.

How complaints are reviewed

Our Icon for application/pdf Complaints Policy 2020-2021 (189.9 KB) outlines our approach to providing a fair and consistent process for managing complaints about an action, decision or service delivered by our staff, councillors, volunteers or contractors who work on our behalf.

Assess and investigate

Your complaint will be reviewed and investigated, if required, by a more senior officer. They will provide you with an outcome within 10 business days.

Internal review

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, or how we managed your complaint, you may request in writing an internal review.

Complaints will be reviewed or investigated by an independent Group Manager, Director or the Chief Executive Officer.

We will advise you about the outcome in writing within 28 days, or reach out if we need more information from you.

External review

If you are not satisfied with how we have resolved your complaint, or at any stage throughout the process, your complaint can be reviewed externally.

You can refer your complaint to an outside agency such as the Victorian Ombudsman Service. For more information, view the Victorian Ombudsman website or phone 03 9613 6222.

We value your privacy

All personal and health information collected by Council in connection with a complaint will be handled in accordance with our Icon for application/pdf Information Privacy Policy 2021-2024 (702.5 KB) and will only be used for the purpose of investigating the complaint.

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