Manningham enjoys a high level of health and wellbeing and is recognised as one of the healthiest municipalities in Victoria. It also takes pride in the many resources it offers the community which encourage people to be healthy, active and connected, including parks and open spaces, sports facilities, community clubs, paths and trails, cultural programs and a range of activities that support healthy living.

Manningham’s Healthy City Strategy 2017 - 2021 was developed using an integrated planning approach with Manningham’s Council Plan 2017-2021.

The Strategy works towards achieving Council's Vision and Healthy Community Goals.

Council’s Vision: 

A liveable and harmonious City

Healthy Community Goals:

  • A healthy, resilient and safe community
  • A connected and inclusive community

Manningham’s Healthy City Strategy 2017 - 2021 recognises the municipality’s many strengths and has continued to build on these. Equally, the Strategy identified a number of health and wellbeing concerns impacting the community today and into the future. These will be addressed in partnership with key stakeholders from State Government, regional services, local organisations and the community to ensure residents continue the have healthy and happy lives.

The Strategy has been informed by identifying our achievements and any gaps from the previous Healthy City Plan 2013 - 2017; examining the broader political context; gaining 1000’s of voices through consultation with over 2500 Manningham residents and visitors; and by researching the health status needs of our community.

The findings have been collated to develop a Healthy City Strategic Framework which identifies four focus areas supported by a series of priorities and action areas. The Strategic Framework is underpinned by a two year action plan and an evaluation framework that will measure achievements, challenges and successes.

Healthy City Strategic Framework 

The four focus areas of the Healthy City Strategy are:

  • Inclusive and Harmonious: aiming to create “A community that is inclusive and welcoming of all people”. There are two priority areas: “An inclusive and diverse community” and “Generation friendly”
  • Healthy and Well: supporting “A community where everyone aspires to optimal health and wellbeing”. There are three priority areas: “Healthy mind”, “Healthy lifestyles” and “Quality service system”
  • Safe and Resilient: aspiring towards “A resilient community where people feel safe”. There are two priority areas: “A safe community” and “A resilient community”.
  • Connected and Vibrant: encouraging “A connected community where all people feel valued, involved and have a sense of belonging”. There are three priority areas: “Creative community”, “Sense of place” and “Involved community”. 


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