Manningham Heritage Restoration Fund Applications are now Open for 2019/2020

Each year we allocate money towards the Heritage Restoration Fund. We recognise the value of assisting property owners to protect and manage significant homes, buildings, trees and gardens throughout the municipality. There are two separate grant programs available:

  • The Heritage Restoration Fund; and
  • The Heritage Restoration Fund (Trees and Gardens)

How the grant can be used

The Heritage Restoration Fund provides the owners of identified heritage properties with the opportunity to apply for a small grant to assist with the maintenance and restoration of significant buildings and other places of interest.

The Heritage Restoration Fund (Trees and Gardens) is intended to assist owners of significant trees and gardens to undertake appropriate maintenance works or to obtain a suitable water supply to provide for the longevity these trees and gardens.

Amount of funding available

A total of $35,000 is available across these two funding programs in the 2019/2020 financial year. Funding for conservation works will generally be granted on a dollar for dollar basis up to $1000 in value (although larger grants may be approved).

Properties eligible for funding assistance

Generally, all owners of properties included in the Heritage Overlay of the Manningham Planning Scheme are eligible to apply for funds through the Heritage Restoration Fund.

Generally, all owners of properties included in the Heritage Overlay (where tree controls apply) and the Vegetation Protection Overlay Schedule 5 (Significant Exotic, Native and Indigenous Vegetation) are eligible to apply for funding through the Heritage Restoration Fund (Trees and Gardens).

For more information about the Eligibility Criteria and Assessment Priorities, the Policy and Guidelines can be downloaded using the links below.

Making an Application

Please complete the relevant application forms, downloaded using the links below.. You will be required to include a copy of quote(s) for the project to show the proposed value of the works and also provide a photograph of the building structure, tree or garden in its existing condition

Further information

For further information about the Heritage Restoration Fund please contact the City Planning and Community on 9840 9121

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