Helping COVID-impacted families return to sports

15 Mar 2021
Healthy Community

We are proud to support residents returning to play their sport of choice.

Many community members have felt the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19). To support those financially impacted we have partnered with Bendigo Bank to provide funding to help local families return to sport in Manningham. The initiative will subsidise up to 50% of eligible participants’ annual sport and recreation club fees.

Sport and recreation clubs provide an invaluable service to the Manningham community. As we head towards winter we want to ensure that kids and adults have the opportunity to get involved with their sport of choice and to experience the physical, mental and social benefits that sport and recreation provide.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the Financial Subsidy Program:

  • Applicant is aged between 5 and 18
  • Applicant resides in Manningham
  • Applicant is applying for a sport or recreation club based in Manningham
  • Applicant or family is financially impacted due to coronavirus (COVID-19; the applicant, parent or guardian must provide a reference letter from an employer or government agency as part of the application process.

Please share this information with participants you feel may be eligible for the Financial Subsidy Program, and encourage those who are to apply. If you have any further questions e-mail the Recreation team or call (03) 9840 9333.