Media release: New community local law feedback

2 Nov 2022
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Backyard chickens, shopping trolleys and chimneys are some of the areas affected by proposed changes to Manningham Council’s Community Local Law.

The Community Local Law is the set of laws made by each local government. These laws protect the land, buildings, health and safety of our community.

We update the Community Local Law every 10 years and it covers areas including

  • keeping animals
  • protecting the natural environment
  • fire prevention
  • waste management
  • drainage
  • and permits.

We have updated the Manningham Community Local Law for 2023 and would like your feedback on the proposed changes.

Manningham Mayor Cr Michelle Kleinert said that most of the existing local laws will be retained, but there are some proposed changes.

“These changes reflect government legislation, emerging issues, and feedback received from the community.

“We also consider the current and future needs of Manningham’s residents.”

A new Community Local Law will be adopted before 1 July 2023.

A summary of the changes can be found on the Your Say Manningham page.

Some of the proposed changes include:

Backyard chickens and other animals

The number of animals you can keep is now dependent on the size of your land.

For example, you can keep five chickens without a permit if you live on land that is 500-1199 square metres. Previously you could only keep four chickens regardless of the size of your land. Roosters are still not permitted at any time.

Shopping trolleys

Traders with more than 25 trolleys will need to fit them with a coin deposit locking system to ensure that trolleys are returned.

Footpath trading permits

Traders will no longer require a permit to trade on their footpaths and open spaces if they are not on Council land.

Burning off for fuel reduction

Some residents on larger lots (over 2,500 square metres) may not need to obtain a permit from Council to undertake fuel reduction burning. Chimneys

Residents must not allow chimneys to discharge excessive ash, smoke or dust that is harmful to people’s health or the environment.

Please visit to read more and give your feedback.