When to call the SES during a storm or flood

3 Sep 2020
Resilient Environment

With large wind storms causing damage to homes across Manningham many within the community have requested assistance from the State Emergency Service (SES).

Although SES volunteers are happy to give their time to provide help to the community it is important to know when you can call the SES during a storm or flood.

During severe weather the demand on SES volunteers is huge. A large volume of calls may mean that jobs need to be prioritised.

If someone’s life is in danger call Triple Zero 000.

You can call the SES on 132 500 if you are seeking assistance for any emergency during a flood or storm when, for example:

  • A tree has fallen and caused structural damage to your home or vehicle
  • There is damage to your roof or it is leaking significantly
  • A tree or large branch has fallen and is preventing you from entering or leaving your home
  • Your property is flooded or about to flood.

The priority of the SES is to make the area safe. Trees that have not fallen on a structure or vehicle which pose no danger or are not blocking entry to your property will not be removed by the SES. The SES will not take green waste with them have they have attended your property.

For minor leaks, superficial damage, the removal of debris and cutting down of trees that are still standing, please contact a professional tradesperson and your insurance company if appropriate.

For more information on preparing for a flood or storm visit the SES website.