If you move to Manningham and your pet is registered with another council in Victoria, you will still need to register your pet with us.

The process for transferring registration is that same as registering a new pet. This means that your pet must be microchipped and you will need to pay a registration fee. If your previous pet registration has been paid for the current period, you will not need to pay a fee, but we will need proof of payment with your application.

You can register your pet online or by downloading a hard copy of the Icon for application/pdf Animal registration form (638.86 KB)Return your registration form to us with the applicable fee or proof of previous payment.

Transferring registration from another state

Manningham does not transfer registration of pets from outside Victoria. If your pet is registered in another state, you need to apply for a new pet registration.

Choose to download a hard copy of the Icon for application/pdf Animal registration form (638.86 KB) and return to us with the applicable fee.