On 2 November 2015, Contour Consultants on behalf of Scentre Group, lodged a request to change the Manningham Planning Scheme to enable an expansion to the Westfield Doncaster site at 619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster. This change to the Manningham Planning Scheme is known as Amendment C104.

What does Amendment C104 propose to change?

Amendment C104 proposes to revise and introduce planning controls for the site so that Council can consider the proposed expansion of retail and commercial floorspace towards the north and north-east of the centre.

As part of its application, Contour Consultants has lodged a proposed Development Plan that provides an overview about how the site will be developed.

The proposed Development Plan addresses a range of issues, including built form and interface treatment, traffic and transport, including car parking, the proposed relocation and upgrade of the bus interchange, public realm and landscaping.

Council considered the amendment request and the associated proposed Development Plan at the 31 May 2016 Council meeting.

Amendment C104 to the Manningham Planning Scheme and the draft Development Plan will be on public exhibition for six weeks between 21 July and 1 September 2016 to provide the opportunity for submissions.

For more information on what is proposed and how to make a submission, please visit www.yoursaymanningham.com.au/Amendment-C104