Under the Victorian Food Act 1984 (Food Act), a person must register the premises where food is prepared for sale (or provided as part of a service) this includes cafes, restaurants, domestic kitchens, mobile food vehicles, food stalls, child care centres, aged care facilities and similar premises.

You should read the information below on Setting up a Food Business, Food Safety Program and Food Safety Supervisor requirements and contact the Health Department on 9840 9450 if you have any further questions.

Food Business Classifications

The Food Premises Classification System can help you determine what class of food business you belong to. You must confirm your classification with your Environmental Health Officer (EHO) before proceeding any further with your application.

If you fall under class 4, you do not need to register however, you must submit to Council a Icon for application/pdf Notification of a Food Premises (92 KB). Council may request further information to ensure you are not in a higher classification.

Setting up a Food Business / Altering a Food Business

It is recommended that you submit an application for pre-approval prior to any structural works or refurbishments commencing on any building or premises. You must also ensure you have obtained any Planning or Building permits if required.

Pre-approval will be subject to compliance with the Food Standards Australia New Zealand - Standard 3.2.3 (Food Premises and Equipment).

You cannot legally operate unless you satisfy all Food Act requirements and have been granted Food Act registration.

Commercial / Retail Food Businesses

Home Based Food Businesses 

You must confirm with Council's Statutory Planning Department that your home is suitable for a 'Home Occupation' and does not breach planning regulations. Please refer to www.manninghambusiness.com.au/resource-category/home-based-business-in-manningham/ for more information.

Food businesses must also ensure they have a Trade Waste agreement with Yarra Valley Water. Please refer to the following documents or visit Yarra Valley Water for more information.

Food Safety Programs

Class 1 and 2 food businesses must complete and submit a Food Safety Program to Council.

A range of approved Food Safety Program Templates can be found on the Victorian Government Health website.

Class 3 premises can choose to use either a Food Safety Program Template or keep the Minimum Records as required under the Food Act.

Review a list of current Manningham food businesses that have received the five star food safety rating.

Food Safety Supervisors

Class 1 and 2 food businesses must nominate a Food Safety Supervisor and submit a Statement of Attainment to Council, which meets the Minimum Competency Standards.

To find Recognised Training Organisations (RTO's) visit My Skills.

If you are a Class 2 Community Group / Not For Profit organisation you are exempt from the Food Safety Supervisor requirement unless you operate for more than two consecutive days.

Annual Registration and Fees

Once a final business inspection is deemed satisfactory, you will receive an application to register in accordance with the Victorian Food Act 1984.

Annual registration fees are based on the type of operation and cover administration costs, compliance checks and statutory food sampling.

Please note, permits may also be required from other Council departments. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all appropriate permits have been sought.

For more information call Council's Health and Local Laws Team on 9840 9450.

Food Safety

Council's Environmental Health Officers carry out the following duties:

  • Inspect food premises to ensure food is being prepared and sold in a safe manner
  • Conduct food safety program compliance checks
  • Investigate food related complaints to trace sources of food poisoning or food contamination
  • Conduct food sampling
  • Conduct food recalls to remove contaminated food products from retail businesses
  • Seize potentially unsafe food to prevent its sale

Complaints relating to the operation of a food business or alleged food poisoning can be lodged with an online service request or with Council's Health and Local Laws Team on 9840 9450.

Food Safety Breaches

Businesses can be prosecuted for food safety breaches if there has been serious non-compliance or a repeated failure to comply with food laws.

View the full Register of Convictions.

Five Star Food Safety Assesments

Council's Environmental Health Officers conduct a Five Star Food Safety Awards program in accordance with the Icon for application/pdf Five Star Food Safety Assessment Guide (907.73 KB)

Review a list of current Manningham food businesses that have received the five star food safety rating.