Annual Budget focuses on community investment

4 Jul 2018
Well Governed Council

Manningham has adopted its 2018/19 Budget, focusing on investing and improving roads, drainage, open public spaces and delivering cost effective services.

Manningham Mayor Cr Andrew Conlon said in developing the 2018/19 Annual Budget and Strategic Resource Plan, Council was mindful of the challenges faced by the local government sector, while ensuring its long term financial sustainability. 

“We have taken a balanced approach to providing relevant and cost effective services and infrastructure to our community,” he said. 

In 2018/19, the Council rates and waste charges for an average property in Manningham with a standard waste service will increase by 4.2 per cent, or $81.40. This represents a total rates and waste charges bill of $2,031.61 for the average property in Manningham. This is based on a 2.25 per cent increase in the general rate and a 20 per cent increase for the waste and recycling charge.  

The $153 million Budget includes $35 million for the capital works program and $118 million for service provision. 

Manningham CEO Warwick Winn said Council’s priority is delivering the services and infrastructure the community needs, in a cost effective manner to maintain the State Government’s rate capping requirements. 

“The key to achieving this is finding savings, ongoing efficiencies and developing new revenue sources where possible,” he said. 

Key features include:

  • an additional $1.5 million to improve footpaths and $1.5 million to improve drainage assets. This is part of a $10.5 million increase over four years to upgrade drains and footpaths
  • bringing funding forward to complete priority projects earlier, including female friendly sports facilities upgrades, the Pettys Reserve Sporting Development, and the Ruffey Creek Linear Path
  • improving service levels to manage and improve the city’s streetscapes, in particular street trees
  • continuing to dedicate at least 33 per cent of rate revenue to the capital works program
  • focus on developing new revenue sources and containing costs. 
  • savings and efficiencies for the 2017/18 financial year are forecast to be around $2.1 million. This is in addition to $1.7 million already achieved in the 2016/17 financial year
  • achieving these and other improvements in priority areas given the State Government’s rate cap of 2.25% (2% for 2017/18).

Rate revenue is Manningham’s largest source of funding in delivering infrastructure projects and services. It is used to maintain local roads, streetlights, buildings, drains, bridges, footpaths, cycle trails, parks, playgrounds, libraries and sporting facilities. 

Rate revenue also provides services such as waste management, public health, planning and building and support children, youths, families, aged and vulnerable members of the community through maternal and child health, disability and aged care services. 

Council’s 2018/19 Annual Budget is available online and can be viewed from the Customer Service desk at the Civic Centre, the Municipal Depot and public libraries in Manningham. 

MCC Annual Budget 2018-2019
MCC Annual Budget 2018-2019
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