Find Your 30

1 Sep 2020
Healthy Community

We’re challenging you to Find Your 30 each day in lockdown.

It can be tough to find ways to stay active when you’re stuck inside for most of the day. But even with these limitations, there are still ways to keep active. You just need to use a bit of creativity.


Why should I find my 30?

Doing 30 minutes of physical activity each day can help lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Here’s why:

  • Brain health: Exercise training can increase brain size and improve memory - reducing the risk of dementia.
  • Heart and lung health: Physical activity strengthens your heart and improves lung function – reducing your risk of coronary heart disease and heart attack.
  • Mental health: Regular physical activity reduces the risk of depression and has a range of benefits for mental health.
  • Bone health: Physical activity increases bone mineral density – important for bone strength; reducing risk of fractures and osteoporosis.
  • Social benefits: Organised physical activity creates opportunities for meeting new people and socialising.
  • Environmental benefits: Physical activity, as a form of active transport, reduces our carbon foot print.


What can I do?

At home

  • If possible, head outside and do some gardening. Enjoy the fresh air and get moving while you prepare your garden for spring.
  • Dust off the outdoor balls, bikes and scooters to enjoy the warmer weather as we move into spring.
  • Remember to take breaks and stand up regularly when working from home. Aim to interrupt sitting and reclining time every 30 minutes.
  • Short bouts of physical activity can add up to your 30 minutes of exercise. Dancing, playing with children, and performing domestic chores are other ways to stay active when you’re at home.


There are plenty of online group fitness classes and workouts available to residents of Manningham to keep you moving and exercising while at home.

  • Join a class live-streamed from Aquarena’s Facebook page.
  • Visit the Home Fitness Network for access to 100+ online workouts plus 25+ live classes each week, so you can join a group work out and train together live.
  • Check out the Virtual Y Youth Space for fitness, wellbeing and connection activities running every day thanks to the YMCA.
  • This Girl Can and Get Active Victoria offer a huge range of free online workouts. Activities range from dancing, strength, cardio and yoga. There are also physical activity games that you can play together with the family.

In your local community

  • Go for a walk to your local shopping centre to pick up a coffee or lunch from a small business that’s doing it tough.
  • Discover one of Manningham’s many parks within 5kms of your house. 
  • Explore one of Manningham's self-guided walks
  • Get back on your bike and cycle along one of Manningham’s bike trails within your 5km.
  • Invite a nearby friend or family member to go on a physically distanced walk around the neighbourhood and catch up while getting active.