Street Lights and Traffic Signals

20 Jun 2014
Well Governed Council

Traffic Signals

Most of the traffic signal in Manningham are the responsibility of VicRoads. Council is responsible for the following traffic signals:

  • At the intersection of George Street and Church Road in Doncaster
  • At the intersection of High Street and Lynnwood Parade in Templestowe Lower
  • At the intersection of Blackburn Road at The Pines Shopping Centre (North Access)in Doncaster East
  • Flashing Signals in Tunstall Road south of Doncaster Road, Doncaster East
  • Pedestrian signals in George Street west of Worthing Avenue in Doncaster
  • Pedestrian signals on High Street, south of Mayfair Avenue in Templestowe Lower

Traffic signal faults can be reported to VicRoads on 131 170 or to Council on (03) 9840 9333.


Street Lighting

The standards for the installation of street lighting throughout the municipality are as follows:

Developed Localities

Residential Areas

Manningham City Council aims to have street lights located at all intersections and where possible at every second pole in the overhead power supply system.  Street lights are typically at the boundary of every second allotment or at other locations considered appropriate to maintain road safety and the amenity of the area.

VicRoads Funded Roads

Street lighting on these roads will be to a high level of illumination as determined by VicRoads.

Undeveloped Localities including Semi-Rural

Council aims to have street lights installed at street intersections and at locations considered to be required to maintain safety.

Subdivisions - Timing of installation

Street lights in new subdivisions are activated progressively as residences are occupied.

Requests for New Street Lights

Residents seeking improvements or additional street lighting can make a request through Council’s online service request form or contact Council on (03) 9840 9333.

Inoperative Street Lights

Reporting of inoperative street lights should be directed to:

  • United Energy on 132 099, west of Mullum Mullum Creek
  • SP Aus Net on 131 799 for street lights east of Mullum Mullum Creek