Native Gardening

Native Splendour is a gardening guide to Manningham's local plants, designed to help you find plants that will enhance your garden and are perfectly suited to local climate and soils. It includes tips for planning and planting your garden. View the Icon for application/pdf Native Splendour - Indigneous Plants Guide (4.68 MB)

Land Management

The Manningham Land Management Guide aims to help small property owners improve management of their land to the benefit of the local environment. View:



Help for Native Wildlife

Should you have concerns about the health and safety of native wildlife please call our emergency response number 8400 7300 or visit Wildlife Victoria.


For information about the frog census, see Melbourne Water's Healthy Waterways Frog Census

The Amphibian Research Centre provides further information about frogs.


Ants Down Under is a CSIRO website providing information on ant biology, identification and distribution.

Managing Horses

The Managing Horses on Small Properties Course aims to provide owners and keepers with comprehensive management strategies for keeping healthy horses and pastures on small properties.

The course outlines how to:

  • Implement good property management practices
  • Reduce illness and injury to your horse/s
  • Allow more natural behaviour for your horse/s
  • Reduce feed bills
  • Avoid spending money on the wrong facilities
  • Increase the value of your property and improve the environment



Biodiversity is the variety of all life forms: plants, animals and micro-organisms, their genes and the ecosystems of which they are a part. For more information, visit Department of the Environment.

Biodiversity Incentive Program - LEAF

The LEAF program provides applicants with a site visit to educate the landowner about their property’s assets and how to manage threats. Education about bushland management techniques and ways to manage pastures for soil conservation and horticulture are among the many things taught.

LEAF grants provide financial assistance and education to control pest plants and animals, including weeds and rabbits, who pose significant threats to the productivity of a property's production zone, such as grazing, and to the integrity and conservation of bushland ecology.

To apply, download the Icon for application/pdf Biodiversity Incentive Grants Program (131.78 KB)

The RELEAF grant is a more generous grant for properties with high ecological values. Receiving this grant requires a commitment to a three year land management plan.

Sites of Biological Significance

Sites of biological significance are areas of remnant indigenous habitat which can be local, regional, state and national areas.  For more information, download our Icon for application/pdf Sites of biological significance (2.41 MB).

Mosses, Liverworts, Fungi and Lichens

This brochure, produced by the Manningham, Whitehorse, Banyule and Nillumbik Councils, illustrates some of the mosses, liverworts, hornworts, fungi and lichens within Melbourne's Middle Yarra region and surrounds. View the Icon for application/pdf Mosses, liverworts, fungi and lichens (966.8 KB)