Manningham is home to a variety of frog species, living in our rivers and creeks, ponds and even in our backyards. With good land management practices and reduction of pollution in our waterways, we can ensure our frog species continue to enjoy Manningham as a vital part of our local ecosystem.

Frogs of North East Melbourne Webinar

Below is a recording of our Frogs of North East Melbourne webinar for the 2020 Spring Outdoors series, this was presented by David De Angelis.

Frog Census

Get involved in local citizen science by recording frog species in Manningham with the Melbourne Water Frog Census App.

An easy to use app to record audio and identify frog species by their call in local waterways, parks, and on your own property.

Available for both iOS and Android.

More information, including activities for schools, is available at the Melbourne Water website.

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