Advocacy is an important way for Council to provide a voice for the community on issues that matter to them.

We are advocating to influence state and federal governments to fund important priority projects around planning, transport, infrastructure and services.

The North East Link project

The North East Link is Victoria's largest road project. The needs of our community and surrounding environment must be considered, before, during and after construction.

The Suburban Rail Loop

 We are advocating for a Doncaster Station to be included in the first phase of construction of the Suburban Rail Loop.

Affordable Housing

We are seeking additional stimulus funding to registered housing services to work in partnerships with other councils to support vulnerable residents, particularly those with a disability.

Public transport

We are seeking accelerated funding by State Government for more bus services to meet growing demand and infrastructure improvements to improve the reliability and frequency of the local bus network. Key to this, is larger capacity buses and more services during peak periods to be provided on the Doncaster Area Rapid Transit (DART) SmartBus network.

We are also advocating for the implementation of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) connection between the CBD and Doncaster as part of the North East Link Doncaster Busway project.

Doncaster Hill Public Transport Infrastructure

Improved transport infrastructure through Doncaster Hill will unlock and complement regional opportunities for improved access to jobs, educational and health facilities and to other community and social services.

We will work with Transport for Victoria and other stakeholders to advocate for: A feasibility study is required to identify opportunities for:

  • an improvement of the bus interchange at Doncaster Westfield, to enhance integration between bus services and provide safer pedestrian and bicycle access to promote more sustainable transport modes;
  • continuous bus lanes and bus priority along Doncaster Road through the Williamsons Road intersection to complete the gap in the bus lane network  
  • other general infrastructure improvements including more bus shelters, safer pedestrian crossing opportunities and to support active travel such as walking and cycling; to release capacity and network constraints, (i.e. Doncaster Park and Ride facility)
  • providing aan integrated mixed use transport hub that may incorporate a future rail link to Doncaster Hill to improve accessibility to Melbourne’s Central Business District and the wider metropolitan area.

Doncaster Rail

We will continue to advocate for a heavy rail line between the CBD and Doncaster. We are strongly advocating to ensure that the North East Link project preserves a future alignment for Doncaster Rail, and that the design of the Doncaster Busway is delivered in a manner that allows it to be transitioned to heavy rail, once buses the bus system reaches capacity.