As a community leader, one of Manningham Council’s vital roles is to provide a voice for the local community on issues that matter.

Council is continually lobbying and advocating to relevant local, state and federal governments and associations on important issues around planning and infrastructure (high density development, open space, housing affordability, and traffic management) and other services essential to the community.

Priority issues for Council currently include (in alphabetical order):

  • Affordable Housing - Council is seeking additional stimulus funding to registered housing services to work in partnerships with Councils to support vulnerable residents, particularly those with a disability.
  • Aquarena - Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre is one of the largest recreation and aquatic facilities in Victoria. In order to keep pace with industry standards and community needs Council is undertaking a $19.8 million redevelopment. Council is currently advocating to the State Government to secure additional financial commitment for the infrastructure costs.
  • Doncaster Hill Public Transport Infrastructure - Improved transport infrastructure through Doncaster Hill will unlock and complement regional opportunities for improved access to jobs, educational and health facilities and to other community and social services. A feasibility study is required to identify opportunities for:
    • Grade separation of buses through Doncaster Hill to achieve bus priority and efficiency, improve services, maximise patronage and provide safe access to public transport
    • A centralised bus interchange with improved bus services and safe pedestrian and bicycle access to give priority to sustainable transport modes
    • Other infrastructure improvements to release capacity and network constraints, (ie. Doncaster Park and Ride facility)
    • Provision for an integrated mixed use transport hub that may incorporate a future rail link to Doncaster Hill to improve accessibility to Melbourne’s Central Business District and the wider metropolitan area.
  • Doncaster  Rail - Council is currently advocating to the State Government to:
    • Council will continue to advocate for a heavy rail line between the CBD and Doncaster to be delivered by 2029.
    • In the meantime, Council will strongly advocate to ensure that the median strip of the Eastern Freeway will remain as a reservation for public transport purposes and any future freeway upgrades as a result of the North East Link proposal do not preclude provision for a future Doncaster Rail link.
  • Emergency Management - Council is seeking additional resources to support a case management approach to residents affected by significant natural events.
  • Graffiti Vandalism - Manningham, with support of surrounding Councils, is advocating to the State Government to address the ongoing proliferation of graffiti vandalism on freeway and railway structures.
  • Highball facilities - Council has identified a shortfall of fifteen multi-use highball courts to meet the growing demand for basketball, netball, gymnastics, badminton and table tennis in the municipality. Council is advocating for funds to develop a highball stadium to better meet the needs of this demand and foster a healthy and active community. 
  • Linear Parks - Council is advocating for financial assistance from the State Government to secure additional financial commitment to the infrastructure costs of linear parks and assist with the purchase and/or acquisition of land to complete better links to existing open space networks.
  • Public Transport - Council is seeking accelerated funding by Stage Government for a Metropolitan Bus Network review and infrastructure improvements to improve the reliability and frequency of the bus network, along with the implementation of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) connection between the CBD and Doncaster. Council is seeking accelerated funding for metropolitan public transport, in particular rail construction, to improve the Victorian transport network, improve safety and reduce congestion across Victoria. Download a copy of the Icon for application/pdf Manningham Bus Network Review 2017 (3.33 MB)
  • Regional Priorities - Council is partnering with the other local Councils in the Eastern Metropolitan Region (Boroondara, Knox, Maroondah, Monash, Whitehorse and Yarra Ranges) on agreed regional priority projects - Icon for application/msword Regional Priorities Submission to MPA 25 June 2014 (6.35 MB). These Councils will work together to advocate over the long term for these projects to benefit the local region.

Keeping you in the loop

  • Improved Taxi Services - In March 2011 the State Government announced a major independent inquiry into the Victorian Taxi Service Industry. In response, Manningham Council provided a submission detailing the key issues that face Manningham residents and community stakeholder groups concerning the taxi industry.

The major points highlighted in Council’s submission include:

  • Limited public transport in the area
  • Challenges with the particular landscape in relation to accessibility and connectivity, especially for the elderly and residents with disabilities
  • The Doncaster Hill development, which will bring an influx of residents and visitors to Manningham requiring a more effective transport system
  • Parking limitations and a need to look at more effective modes of transport to ensure maximum connectivity
  • The importance of social inclusion for people who are reliant on taxis, particularly residents with disabilities and the elderly.
  • Perceptions of safety and security.

The Inquiry's Final Report Customers First: Service, Safety, Choice was released on 30 January 2013. The government announced its response to the inquiry's proposed reforms on Tuesday 28 May 2013 accepting most in full or in part. For a copy of the government's response or further information please visit Taxi Industry Inquiry.